“Thank you to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, for listening to our calls to review truck safety accreditation programs,” Chair of the Australian Trucking Association Geoff Crouch said today. “Operators, industry, government and regulators need to work together on truck safety. “Recognising safe practices should not be an unbalanced competition between government and industry like the ATA’s TruckSafe program. “By working together we give the public and industry customers the confidence that heavy vehicle operators are meeting strict standards. “It does not help road safety when the government accreditation program, the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS), is not as comprehensive as the industry’s own program in TruckSafe.

More than 800 operators have invested to meet rigorous standards over the years, yet participants do not receive the same regulatory benefits as NHVAS operators, Mr Crouch said. “This independent review will give TruckSafe a chance to demonstrate its value to road safety and the trucking industry. “We will be making the case for credible accreditation programs like TruckSafe to be recognised by governments as being effective and rigorous on safety. “TruckSafe is everything governments should want to see; an industry led solution, adapted over 20 years, independently audited and giving operators a competitive choice. “Operators should have choice, clarity and confidence when choosing a program to recognise their safety practices.” Mr Crouch said the ATA had run a solid, evidence based campaign to secure the review including: submission to the Commonwealth Treasurers competitive neutrality review;  submission to the South Australian Governments Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme Regulatory Impact Statement;  evidence before the Senate Inquiry into Aspects of Road Safety; and detailed discussions with state and Australian Governments. “I thank governments for considering the facts and evidence we put forward and we look forward to working closely with the review chief, Peter Medlock,” Mr Crouch said.